Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Writing Hiatus

Oh my, two weeks go by, and not a word scratched onto paper.

Tsk tsk.

Oh, believe me, I do try. Ok, by try I mean I think about it. I very seriously think about it. These pregnancy induced hormones, along with worn out two year old frenzies are really taking a toll on my creative juices though. As soon as I do think about trying to sit down and scrawl out the waiting words, my poor brain turns to baby mush and all I can do is zone out into the nearest corner. And now, two weeks after my last writing, I am finding it hard to get back into whatever swing is out there.

My bandwagon has kicked me off and driven on and I just can't catch up!

People, if any out there is reading this ramble, help me here. Have you ever noticed that the goals you most want to accomplish are the ones that are easiest to neglect? I know that I shouldn't depends so much on the inexistent peer support, but in all reality, that is a driving factor in dreams. You need those shoulders to cry on and the loving hands to smack you when you have become lazy. Maybe setting a goal to do a prompt every single day is a bit excessive, but at least I have some goal out there to at least aim for, right?

My mind is rattling with story ideas, but none of them can get out. I need to find that lost key...

Here is a good thing though: I have been reading. Right now I am devouring Orson Scott Card's book "Characters and Viewpoint" Not only is he one of my favorite scifi writers, he also can create a killer help book (I also have read and love his book "How to Writ Science Fiction and Fantasy" Its an amazing read!) I will post more about this current digestion once I finish it. Reading time is only caught during naps if I am not napping, and after bedtime, if I am not passed out.

I have ordered a few more writing books. Problem is, I mistakenly set them to ship to our old address (Pregnant moment? Oh, I do think so.) Luckily, it looks as if I have been able to get two of the three corrected and hope to get them...soon. I am pretty excited. You know, if any of you out there ever feel like aiding me in my writing endeavers, but aren't writers or readers yourself, just getting me another writing book works wonders. There are reasons I love Amazon...and I have an extensive wishlist. (Oh, laughing to self...and shaking head.)

But yes, so even though I may have been lacking lately in the writing field, I have been making sure to fill my mind with tips from other accomplished peoples. I will get back into the swing of things. I will...I am now 8 weeks and counting from my due date for this baby number 2. We will see how things go, but in life, there is one thing we DO need to remember: If you don't hold onto at least one of your dreams, what are you holding?