Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Recommend for a Great, New Read

Branded: Fall of Angels

"Night after night, Jessica stands trial before a council of vindictive angels for deeds she didn't commit. Condemnation brings a branding as they dementedly laugh and point but exaltation starts a war over her soul. These are Jessica's nightmares. Alex is everything Jessica could ever want and she'll do anything to be with him. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. This is what she will fight for. But the nightmares rule Jessica's life and she must find a way to stop the events that are pulling her toward her own judgment or become the object of her greatest fear. And lose Alex forever."

My followers, or those who are just now stumbling upon this blog of mine:
Read this book.

It is a gripping story about a young girl who, when she finally allows herself to sleep, must stand for the judgment of passed souls. For years she is tormented with this, tortured in her sleep with standing trial before angels, and in her waking hours with the scars that burn on her back and the never ending pull back to slumber. Then she meets Alex. And finds a reason, finally, for happiness. Only to have it all start to crash in as evil tries to claim her for its own.

Yes. Mind = Blown.

I do have to admit, I am friends with the author. Keary Taylor, still only 22 years old, is already proving to be a great upcoming author in the writing world. After finishing her work, she chose to self-publish through Amazon. I have had the chance to "see" her as she worked hard on this piece of art, perfecting and creating. Even now, as I type this, she already is working hard on the next book in this series (Forsaken).

I do not recommend her solely because she is a friend of mine. I truly do see something in her. I have made a hobby in my life of collecting and reading books. Though I do not claim to be a literary expert in all things written, I can at least push forward the books that do stand out to me in my ventures. I was hesitant to read this at first, worried that a work written by a friend might not be as enjoyed as by some anonymous author. But I am very happy that I did dive in.

I ask you, when you find yourself wondering what to read next, to give this book a shot. It not only supports a friend of mine, but it supports an author who is striving to achieve her dreams. As you know, I too hope to someday enter into the publishing world, releasing my own works to the public. Seeing someone I know achieve this is inspiring to me, and reminds me that it is possible. I hope someday to be able to have the support and back-up that Keary has. And to proudly hold my own published work in hand.

Read. This. Book.

Support new creations. And enjoy the escape into another reality.

- - -

Here is the link for the paperback on Amazon. It is also available via Kindle.

Go to Amazon. Click here


Keary Taylor said...

Thank you so much Jenni! You rock!