Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Writing Self Help Post #2 - Benefits of Writing

While reading Writer Mama, I came across the section talking about the 6 benefits of being a Write-at-home Mom (WAHM)

I loved this section. Its small. But it really does remind you of some of the reasons you do want to keep writing. Those reasons are hard (very hard) to remember when you are exhausted all the time. Or stressed. Or just totally mind dead. And, to all those who arent WAHMs...they are still some great points to remember! Here is my personal summary of what I read:

1. Explore your interests. How often do you truly find the chance to research, dive into, and get carried away with your own personal interests? When writing, you are researching. Creating. sharing your knowledge. These aren't chances you get when changing a diaper of a screaming baby, or while you are stuck in beloved rush hour traffic. When writing, you find what fascinates you, and get lost in its wonders.

2. Be helpful, or give back. When you know something, share it. When you feel something, let others know. This is a thought that can go so much further than writing, but it is still a good place to start. Maybe you aren't one to start a blog. Or send off article after article to magazines. But even that one small short story may help the unknown reader in need.

3. Gain self-confidence. This is my hardest area. I lack it to the extremes. but if you truly try, and dive into your work, you will come to find you are an amazing writer...and that will boost you in so many other areas of life. So write...and write...and write.

4. Channel ambition. Ever feel like you are just every where, and never accomplishing anything? If you take the time to sit down and write, even if it is just one prompt a day. Just 30 minutes of finger waggling action, you will see something finally take shape worth being proud of. Quote from Writer Mama "...learning to focus on and hit a clearly defined target is a great way to keep both sides of your brain in balance. So practice a little 'Ready, Aim, Fire!' once in a while. It will do wonders to rebuild a sense of accomplishment..."

5. Enjoy increased flexibility. Make your own hours, and by that I mean: MAKE WRITING HOURS. There is time, believe me. If I can find it, so can you. Once you do that, you will realize how much more time there truly is in the day. Everyone needs time for themselves. My time is the zen of creating.

6. Create a handcrafted career. Not everyone is cut out to work the same 9-5 job. And not everyone is content with being a stay at home mom with nothing but life revolving around the children and cleaning schedule. I know I am neither...not totally at least. Making sure you are writing, can, if you truly try, form your own career with your own hours and you personally handcrafted happiness.

Just think of it. Thinking yet? Ok so...write


Afton said...

This author has an e-zine you can subscribe to and she sends out monthly updates, etc. It's called the prosperous writer. Just FYI. I heard her speak at a conference. She had some interesting things to say.

Jenni Merritt said...

Thanks Afton! I will check it out